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When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love. - Lana Del Rey

Just a quick post to announce to the world how very proud I am of my boyfriend! This mountain biking thing – he is doing SO well! He bought a book called the Mountain Bikers Training Bible on Kalahari written by Joe Friel just a few weeks ago and since then has designed a very scientific training programme for himself. And his diet plan – I wish I had that kind of self-control!

He would have to share with you the details of his preparation for our last race but what I can say is he was well prepared and it paid off! 

Wes came third fifth (let me explain: we saw the results which said he came third which meant I was standing with my camera ready to photograph him on the podium all smiles and prizes but then they never called out his name :( So we spoke to the timing people after the results presentation and they told us he came fifth only to find out when the official results were posted on Monday that he came…) fourth in his category at the USN Mtb Cup #3. His goal for the year was to place Top 10 at a race and here he is, only a quarter way through the year, with a goal ticked off his list already! Wow! I was gushing. There was lots of pda – public displays of affection for those of you that are desperately googling “pda + acronym” 😉

Cannot wait to see what the rest of the season will bring for him! Or rather, what he will bring to the rest of the season!

It was an early start leaving for B’Sorah Luxury Tented Camp at 5am, having packed the car with all our gear the night before. It was freezing when we got there which was not helped by the fact that we were definitely not wearing appropriate clothing but later on in the cycle I was grateful for my shorts and t-shirt! After registration we kept ourselves warm in the car and had Future Life for our second breakfast of the day. We had scrambled eggs earlier that morning and would have an PVM Energy Bar each during the cycle. After, we both agreed that we had finally found the perfect combination of food to sustain us for a Half Marathon cycle.

Mountain biking enthusiasts can look forward to showcasing their skills on a fresh and thrilling route during the third round of the 2013 Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN) Mountain Bike Cup Series, which takes place at B’sorah Luxury Tented Camp, Bassora Farm in Broederstroom, North West Province, on Saturday, 06 April.

B’sorah’s mountain biking trail, situated in a private game reserve, will allow the cyclists to get closer to some of the best wildlife our country has to offer, while experiencing breathtaking views and enjoying the exhilarating rides through the bush and along rivers, all on the doorstep of the Gauteng and North West based riders.

Every competitor in each distance will be hungry to claim victory on this fresh and unexplored USN MTB Cup Series race route. Cyclists will have three different race options – 10km family ride, 30km and 50km. There is also a 2km kiddie’s race for young and aspiring riders.

Dylan Victor, race MC and organiser, says, “We are very excited about this route. The introduction of a new venue adds variety to the 2013 USN MTB Cup Series. Our riders are always looking for an adventure and there could not have been a better way to fulfil their aspirations.”

B’sorah offers something for riders of all levels. The 50km route has great single game and cattle tracks, along with lung busting climbs on tough jeep tracks, as well as a few descents that require some degree of skill. Those that want to compete while having a bit of fun, can participate in the 10km family ride. Kiddies will be joined by a clown and face painter to add more excitement to their 2km fun ride.

The USN MTB Cup Series #3 race is expected to be a thriller. Current leaders of the series are expected to be there, namely Arno Du Toit (ASG Pinarello) (men) and Yolandi Du Toit (Bizhub) (ladies). Ben-Melt Swanepoel (Merida), Paul Cordes (ASG Pinarello), Yolande Speedy (ASG Pinarello) and Rowan Grobler (USN)(2012 Series winner) are also expected to line up for the 50km race.

This race was great! Despite my first major fall 4 km in, or maybe as a result of it, I rode the rest of the race with such a fun group. The trail was absolutely faultless. The views were breathtaking; there was the perfect combination of climbing, downhills, single-track and technical sections. I loved it and I know we will regularly train on this trail in the future. Sadly I didn’t stop for long enough to take photos on the trail but will definitely do so when we go back there.

It was a perfect day!

Our official results…

Race Category Finishing Time Winning Time Position Categoryl Discipline
Me: USN Mtb Cup #3 30km Senior Women 03:12:17 02:16:11 12 MTB
Wes: USN Mtb Cup #3 30km Senior Men 02:02:26 01:48:34 4 MTB

If you are looking for an adventure which is an hour out of Johannesburg with a trail that has been perfectly designed and built I recommend mountain biking trails at B’Sorah! A day pass is only R25 and it is easy to get there, safe and breathtakingly gorgeous!

Did any of you do this race or have you cycled on this trail before? Share your experiences in the comments section below, would be great to hear from you :)

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  • Wesleigh

    Love you so much, thank for speaking so highly of me in your post.Thank you for always supporting me my baby, you have been so amazing through everything. Look where I was 4 years ago and compare it to now.Its all because of you 😉 Mwa

  • Elvira Nel

    Proud of you both. Determination and discipline will take you far x